How to Create Dynamic Dates with Lytrod’s Variable Builder

On a standard business letter, the current date is usually defined after the letterhead and before the recipient’s name and address. Is it possible to create your job so that when the letter is created it reflects the current date? YES! You can use Lytrod’s variable builder to create dates in different formats.


Variable String Printed Result for December 6, 2020
$$D_MOL. $$D_DD., $$D_YYYY. December 6, 2020
$$D_MOS. $$D_DD., $$D_YYYY. Dec 6, 2020
$$D_MO./$$D_DD./$$D_YYYY. 12/6/2020
$$D_DD./$$D_MO./$$D_YYYY. 6/12/2020
$$D_DWL. $$D_MOL. $$D_DD., $$D_YYYY. Sunday December 6, 2020

Here is a list of available date variables:

Variable Description
$$D_DD. Day of the current month in a 2 digit format
$$D_DOY. Day of year represented as a number between 1 and 365
$$D_DWL. Day of the week written out in full
$$D_DWS. Day of the week abbreviated to three letters
$$D_MO. Numeric representation of the month
$$D_MOL. Month of the year written out in full
$$D_MOS. Month of the year abbreviated to three letters
$$D_YY. The year abbreviated to 1 or 2 digits (leading zeros are omitted)
$$D_YYYY. The year in 4 digits

A full discussion of Lytrod’s variable builder can be found in your VisionDP documentation on pages 226-228. To add variables to Intellicut and VRCut Impose simply type the variable into a text field.