About Lytrod Software

Lytrod Software, a technology company, offers cutting edge software tools for document formatting and variable data document creation. Our software simplifies complex tasks and consolidates the steps required to produce highly optimized documents in PDF format for efficient printing and finishing. Lytrod enables operators, with any level of experience, to create multi-up and data driven documents efficiently and effectively for any print & finishing configuration.

Lytrod tools provide a comprehensive workflow for imposition, addressing, VDP, data sorting order retention and finishing equipment template management. Our unique support of Dynamic Document Construction (DDC) enables production and office printers to quickly and efficiently RIP variable data jobs at full speed. With a single powerful PC based interface, create any VDP job from personalized 1:1 marketing to complex transactional billing statements and reports that will work seamlessly with your current print production workflow.

Our History

Lytrod Software, Inc. was established in 1985. Since then, Lytrod has had over 5,000 product installations and over 2,000 customer sites worldwide. It has been honored with the award Xerox Partner of the Year for 4 years and has had a 20+ year Xerox Partner development of Xerox Variable Print Technologies.

Lytrod Software created their Designer Suite as design tools supporting the Xerox VI Suite so that anyone could develop sophisticated variable applications.  Proform and DeskTop Designer software allow users to create seamless variable print and variable PDF workflows from the same data source.  Lytrod Software’s support of the Xerox FreeFlow VI DDC model allows easy 1:1 print marketing campaigns eliminating complex and expensive graphic arts workflows – – freeing your staff to get to the work of printing, not prepress.

Recently, Lytrod Software has released a new product that is a standalone variable document design tool and composition engine, called VisionDP. This product has extensive business form drawing capabilities, you can use any imagery/design with no plug-ins required and hundreds of variable design features.  VisionDP gives you the liberty to create optimized PDF in record time, without the need for a third party composition engine.  Lytrod Software also created an addition to the VisionDP product line, VisionDP Automate, which automates the production and distribution of variable PDFs.  VisionDP Automate provides for “lights out” operation, with its data hot folder support, Job-Queue manager, booklet imposition, internal email client, versioning, and other automation abilities

Our Services

Our services enable you to get to the task of printing. Our VDP Specialists can help you develop the right workflow and implement a more efficient and productive document strategy. Service offerings include: VDP application creation, custom programming, workflow evaluation and data integration to effectively streamline and automate your print practices.