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The Intellicut software

has made imposition a breeze and has reduced graphics time greatly when doing data merges compared to our previous methods. The software and hardware were easy to learn and the few times I had questions Lytrod and MBM were quick to respond with friendly and easy to understand solutions. Aside from my printers the AeroCut is the most valuable piece of machinery in my shop and one I wish I purchased years ago.

Since adding the Aerocut and Intellicut software we have been able to increase our production volume and speed. In conjunction with a second digital press and without increasing staff we were able to grow our overall sales 48% in the first half of 2022 compared to the first half of 2021. Business cards sales were up 48.45% and we were able to increase our margin on business cards 4.66%. We have also seen growth in our products offered with perforation and scoring. Faster production and increased finishing quality from the Aerocut and Intellicut software were a key part of our growth.”

Owner Brad Smith
Minuteman Press
Miami, Florida

The VRCut Software

has made the finishing process easier and made my business run more efficiently. I use VRCut Impose to easily create my print files and with a quick scan of a barcode VRCut Controller helps me cut my jobs simply and without mistakes.”

Bill Nevill, Owner
Alamo Imprints
San Antonio, Texas

It would have been impossible

to succeed without the capabilities of the Lytrod Software.
Thanks to this software we now use it every day, as we have expanded into not just a blueprinting business, but an all in one printing service.”

Owner Jerry Springer
Blueprint Services
Chicago, Illinois

For Intellicut, I recently had a call with a customer

Insty Prints in South Bend IN that told me: “The Intellicut software for the Aerocut has been a lifesaver and has paid for itself many times over.”

Insty Prints
South Bend, Indiana