Intellicut connects the PC Controller, PDF imposition and AeroCut programming into a single PC software workflow. Create imposed PDF print files with a barcode that automatically meet AeroCut layout requirements, simply add your artwork. Intellicut programs the AeroCut template settings through LAN connection

Control, Create
Program & Finish

Intellicut unifies the PC Controller, PDF imposition, and AeroCut programming into a single PC platform to provide an all-in-one smart solution.

The AeroCut family of Slitter/Cutter/Creaser Finishers come standard with an embedded controller and Intellicut software. The software integration through network connection uniquely delivers a higher level of automation to the slitter/cutter/ creaser digital finishing workflow and reduces tedious and time consuming prepress and postpress finishing tasks.

The AeroCut X/X-Pro, Prime, Velocity & One inclue 3 template layout modes



No downloading or programming

Preset mode contains 266 templates already programmed in the AeroCut memory and Intellicut library. The pre- programed and barcode-ready job layouts included with AeroCut are based on popular cut and paper sizes, representing common jobs like business cards and postcards. Simply pull up the template, place the artwork, and impose the job with Intellicut or other imposition platforms.



Custom templates made easy with Intellicut's Smart Layout Assistant

Intellicut's Smart Layout Assistant makes custom layout and template creation easy. Simply select paper size, cut size and bleed edge and the Smart Layout Assistant determines the most optimal AeroCut compatible layout. With LAN connection, download the template directly to one of the AeroCut's 100 Manuset memory locations.



AeroCut Flexmode gives users total design control over sophisticated jobs

In Flexmode you can set each cut, crease, perf and jump perf in any combination and in either direction. Intellicut provides a user-friendly configuration workflow with its point and click drawing design interface. Download Flexmode templates to 50 memory locations on your AeroCut directly from your PC.

Read and write directly to the AeroCut controller over your LAN