Proform designer

Create, Design, Migrate & Modernize
Xerox® Variable Workflow.

The Power of VIPP Unleashed

Proform Designer provides an intuitive graphic design experience that makes composition in the VIPP environment clean and simple. From sophisticated one-to-one marketing pieces, to personalized transactional/promotional statements, VIPP creation is made easy with whatever resources you have today. The proprietary graphical user interface includes drag-and-drop data placement, conditional logic trees and page by page rules that puts the design control in your hands. VIPP design has never been so easy.

Xerox® Legacy Resources: Modernized

Migrate and modernize Xerox® legacy resources with the support of experts at it over 30 years.Lytrod Software has worked to support and facilitate intuitive solutions for Xerox® Legacy Resources since their near inception. Use Proform Designer to compile FRM, PCL or PS forms designed and/or modified entirely in a graphical user interface, without ever looking at code. Proform Designer let’s you draw forms, place images and change fonts visually on the screen and then compile the job for legacy output. This technology supports legacy workflows that need to be brought into the modern world without archaic coding support.